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Publication expenses can still be paid from the  remaining budget of the 1st funding period of DynaTrait until end of 2019! It does not matter whether the author is still employed in DynaTrait or not during this time.

Reimbursement of publication expenses

Publication expenses

Publication costs for DynaTrait publications are reimbursed via the central coordination project at the University of Potsdam.

There is no general policy for or against open access publications in DynaTrait. The DFG welcomes open access publications, even though the costs are higher.

The publication budget for each subproject is listed in the DynaTrait intranet.

Junior scientists who are new to the process: You are free to choose your preferred journal, but speak to your PI please to avoid scam journals!!

The workflow differs depending on whether you publish "Open Access" or not.

Case 1: Open Access publications
The University of Potsdam has negotiated reduced article processing charges with a number of publishers.
For these to take effect, our University’s library negotiates costs and reimbursement formalities which differ from publisher to publisher.

If you have an Open Access article planned, please send the DynaTrait coordinator an email upon submission (think ahead!) with the following information:

•    Title of your publication
•    Publisher
•    Journal
•    Expected costs in EUR for Open Access publication
•    Submission date (or acceptance date if already gone through review).

Case 2: All other (non-open-access) publications

You have to pay the invoice from the publisher from your institute's funds first. Afterwards, you hand in the receipts at the University of Potsdam to get your expenses refunded.

1. Please pay your invoice and keep all (electronic) receipts for publishing your publication.

2. Type a short letter stating the name and number of your DynaTrait subproject, the journal and publisher where your publication will be published, and the publication title. State the name and the bank account number of the institution or person who paid the invoice.

3. If you have paid the invoice from a private account of credit card, please also fill out this form.

4. Send the documents per mail (not just per email!) to the following address:
Universität Potsdam
Institut für Biochemie und Biologie
AG Gaedke - "DynaTrait"
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam

If you are unsure or cannot pay in advance for some reason, please ask the DynaTrait coordinator to find a solution BEFORE you send us your invoice. Note that if you send an unpaid invoice from a published directly to us, the University of Potsdam (not your institute or personal name) has to be the invoice recepient (German: "Rechnungsempfänger") in the letter head of the invoice. Otherwise the payment cannot be issued by the University of Potsdam!!