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This year, our annual meeting is part of (and an extension of) the DGL meeting in Konstanz, Germany, which will be held September 19-23 and is organized by Lutz Becks and co-workers (DGL = Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie/German Limnological Society).

We intend a (strictly English speaking) DynaTrait session Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning as part of the DGL meeting, and a Dynatrait session Thursday afternoon and Friday through lunchtime (after the official Program of the DGL ends but the excursions). The additional Thursday and Friday allows us more flexibility in terms of online presentations and sharing ideas in smaller groups and will be open also to interested colleagues, including those not attending the DGL meeting. Please join us for dinner on Thursday evening (costs covered by Dynatrait). Please be aware that only on Thursday and Friday an online participation is possible.

Here is the link to register and submit abstracts:

Obviously you can also switch between the Dynatrait session and other sessions of the DGL.

Regarding fees: there is no fee for those only attending on Thursday and Friday in person or online. However, if you attend the full Dynatrait session starting on Tuesday, please pay the fee for the DGL conference which can be refunded by Dynatrait. If this imposes troubles for non-Dynatrait members let us know.

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