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Projects 1st funding period (2014-2018)

DynaTrait's first funding period enabled 20 scientific (sub-)projects and 1 coordinator project from 2014-2017. This year, the remaining funding of these projects ensures successful project finalization and the dissemination of project results. The overlap between the two phases integrates the first group of projects with the 13 new projects from the 2nd funding period from 2018-2020.

Projects phase 1

  1. Eco-evolutionary coupling in competing marine phytoplankton communities - Dr. Matthiessen, Prof. Dr. Reusch more
  2. Impact of trade-offs on eco-evolutionary dynamics in predator-prey systems - Dr. Becks, Prof. Dr. Gaedke more
  3. Consumer diversity effects in multispecies predator-prey systems: Relevance of inter- and intraspecific consumer trait variation - Dr. Moorthi, Prof. Dr. Gaedke, Prof. Dr. Hillebrand more
  4. The effect of phenotypic plasticity and clonal sorting on ecological and evolutionary dynamics in bi- and tri-trophic systems - Prof. Dr. Tollrian, Prof. Dr. Gaedke new poster more
  5. Comparing phenotypic plasticity in bacterial prey traits and ecological consequences by using specialist vs. generalist strains and organic aggregates as model systems - Prof. Dr. Grossart, S. Wollrab more
  6. Effect of trait variability on the dynamics of coupled, bi-trophic plankton - biofilm systems - Prof. Dr. Berendonk, Dr. Weitere, Prof. Dr. Gaedke more
  7. Trait heterogeneity effects on trophic interactions: the role of essential nutrients - PD Dr. Wacker, Dr. Martin-Creuzburg more
  8. Interplay between trait variation, food web dynamics and maintenance of biodiversity - Prof. Dr. Gaedke, Prof. Dr. Malchow more  update 2017
  9. Inducible chemical defences in primary producer - herbivore interactions: effects on population dynamics as a function of consumer trait diversity - Prof. Dr. von Elert more
  10. Trait-based biodiversity and multitrophic dynamics under external forcing: a combined planktotron and modelling approach - Dr. Striebel, Prof. Dr. Hillebrand, Dr. Singer, PD Dr. Wacker more
  11. Diversity loss and trait dynamics in natural plankton communities (DYNATLOSS) - Dr. Fink, Dr. Stockenreiter, Prof. Dr. Stibor more
  12. Exploring the adaptive within- and between bloom dynamics of heterogenic dinoflagellate population of the toxigenic Alexandrium ostenfeldii in field and laboratory experiments - Dr. Uwe John, Dr. Mathias Wegner, Dr. Sylke Wohlrab more
  13. Flexible until it snaps: Dynamics of genes & traits, densities & diversity in communities challenged by environmental change - Prof. Dr. Boenigk, Prof. Dr. Rahmann, Prof. Dr. Sures more
  14. Trait shift history: Do grazing induced trait shifts in phytoplankton determine the sensitivity to nutrients and sinking? (Acronym: TraitHist) - Prof. Dr. Sommer more
  15. Dynamics of phytoplankton size-structure as explained by bio- physical principles and ecological history: a trait based adaptive dynamics modeling approach - Dr. Kerimoglu, Prof. Dr. Wirtz more
  16. The determinants of algal trait dynamics in phytoplankton communities over vertical, seasonal, and inter-annual gradients - Dr. Jäger/ Dr. Rinke more
  17. Adaptive trait dynamics of lake phytoplankton at short time scales - Prof. Dr. Blasius more
  18. Seasonal and long-term phytoplankton trait dynamics during trophic change and a regime shift in phytoplankton biomass - Prof. Dr. Peeters more
  19. The adaptive capacity of multitrophic plankton communities in a changing ocean - Prof. Dr. Merico more
  20. Diversity effects of trait-based zooplankton feeding interactions in a global ecosystem model - Dr. Prowe, Dr. Pahlow more
  21. Central project - Prof. Dr. Gaedke