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Projects 2nd funding period (2018-2020)

13 newly funded DynaTrait (sub-)projects are starting in 2018. Ten of these are continuing the work from the first phase. DynaTrait's coordinator project remains located at the University of Potsdam.

Projects phase 2

  1. Nutrient uptake-related trait variability and trade-offs - adaptive evolution and community functioning in competing phytoplankton species - Dr. Birte Matthiessen, Prof. Dr. Thomas Reusch project description
  2. Indirect response to external drivers through trait variation in predator-prey systems - Prof. Dr. Lutz Becks, Prof. Dr. Masato Yamamichi, Prof. Dr. Ursula Gaedke project description
  3. The relevance of consumer competition and feeding traits as well as their trade-offs in determining multispecies trophic interactions - Dr. Stephanie Moorthi more
  4. The effect of phenotypic plasticity and clonal sorting on ecological and evolutionary dynamics in bi- and tri-trophic systems - Prof. Dr. Ralph Tollrian, Dr. Linda Weiss more
  5. The influence of environmental changes and individual trait variability (phenotypic plasticity) on biodiversity and ecosystem stability - Prof. Dr. Ralph Tollrian more, Dr. Kathrin Lampert more, Dr. Linda Weiss more
  6. Influence of chaotic dynamics on the coexistence of traits: Experimental studies with aquatic microbes, Prof. Dr. Hartmut Arndt more
  7. Trait variability and defense costs in coupled bi-trophic plankton - biofilm systems: effects on predator-prey dynamics and coexistence - Prof. Dr. Thomas Berendonk more, Dr. Markus Weitere more, Dr. Ellen van Velzen more
  8. Alternative states of a simple predator-prey system induced by competition between small edible and large inedible algae and fungal parasitism (APPS) - Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Grossart, Dr. Sabine Wollrab project description
  9. Interplay between trait variation, food web dynamics and maintenance of biodiversity - Prof. Dr. Ursula Gaedke project description
  10. Does stoichiometric variation in primary producers mediate coexistence in grazers?, Prof. Dr. Maarten Boersma more
  11. Trait-related feedback dynamics in natural plankton communities - Prof. Dr. Herwig Stibor, Dr. Patrick Fink, Dr. Maria Stockenreiter project description
  12. The adaptive capacity of multitrophic plankton communities in a changing ocean - Prof. Dr. Agostino Merico more, Prof. Dr. Helmut Hillebrand more, Dr. Maren Striebel more, Dr. Esteban Acevedo-Trejos more
  13. Modelling seasonal vertical migration in marine zooplankton, Dr. Markus Pahlow project description
  14. Central project - Prof. Dr. Gaedke